Armando Solos!

Congratulations to Armando Espinoza for his first-ever solo on November 26! CFI Mark Zuniga reports that he did an outstanding job, and emerged from the airplane with a smile ear-to-ear. Armando lives in Delano and works in Palmdale/Lancaster so looks forward to the day when he will be able to fly to work. Way to go, Armando!


BFC Christmas Potluck and Mixer Saturday, December 2, 2017, 6PM

Join your fellow pilots, students and club members for a great evening of food and fun. Bring the family and your favorite dish to share. Be there!

Saturday, December 2, 6PM
BFC Clubhouse

Text your RSVP to Bill 661-529-8792

Twomey Passes His Checkride!

Whoa, Terry Twomey realized a lifelong dream last week when he earned his Private Pilot wings at the BFC. Terry plans to use his new ticket for local sightseeing flights as well as for more distant trips to favorite fishing spots in NorCal and Oregon. Want to share expenses on flights? Call Terry, he’s eager to go! Congratulations, Terry, you did a great job.

Sergiu Solos!

Mega-congrats to Sergiu Smecal for his first solo at KBFL in August! Sergiu plans to fly for both business and pleasure, commuting to his company’s regional office in El Monte. Serg also wants to buy his own plane, a Mooney, and looks forward to flying with his family on vacations. Congratulations, Serg, on a job well done!

Courtney Gets Her Wings!

Mega congrats to Courtney Risner for passing her private pilot checkride in August! Courtney began her training while a high school senior, and will be starting Fresno State where she will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Courtney plans to join the Air Force after graduation with high hopes of becoming a military aviator. Congratulations, too, to HM Zuniga and Janice Sullivan, Courtney’s CFIs. Job well done to all.

Gondara Solos!

Congratulations to Dr. Shabeg Gondara on his first solo flight at KBFL on June 30! Shabeg is a psychiatrist who will be leaving us soon to take a job in Northern California, but has been working with Jeremy and Bill to get this important phase of his training completed. Bill reports that Shabeg’s three takeoffs and landings went like clockwork. “It’s an amazing feeling,” he said, after he landed and calmed down a little. “I’ll be feeding off it until the 10th (his next flights with Bill and Jeremy).” Way to go, Shabeg.

Do the Math visits the Bakersfield Flying Club!

“Math in the Real World” heads to the Bakersfield Flying Club, where pilot Fred Webster shares with Devin how math is applied to aviation. Also, Reagan Elementary student Madison works with Mike and Chuck in-studio.

Checkout the YouTube Video filmed live the the BFC:

Thanks for all of the helpers that showed up to support the BFC and the Math Show!

MAY 18, 2017 SEMINAR

May 18, 2017 Seminar

Join pilot and author Brian Brown for a first-hand account of the accident that nearly cost him and his family everything. Listen as he shares what he did right and wrong in planning and executing this cross country flight between Northern California and Idaho. A must-see for every pilot!

Thursday, May 18 2017
Si Senor Restaurant and Grill
(dining optional)
2210 Airport Drive

Go to to register or text 661-529-8792 to RSVP

News Update 04/2017

Drone Seminar Thursday April 20, 6pm. The BFC is kicking off the 2017 Seminar Series with an informative presentation by Justine Harrison, noted aviation attorney and speaker. Justine will talk about drones; the new laws, how to know if they could affect your flight, and ways to avoid a dreaded mid-air collision. If you fly planes, you should know about drones. We expect a big crowd for this one, so it will be held at the Civil Air Patrol building, 1975 Airport Drive, 6:00pm. Register at

What is an FAA Safety Seminar you ask?
The FAASTeam sponsors thousands of aviation safety seminars and webinars throughout the country each year. These interesting and informative seminars and webinars include a variety of important safety topics designed to reduce risk and increase the level of safety in aviation operations. Learning experiences can be had for student pilots or even advanced pilots!

Anyone is invited to attend. All of our seminars are free. Refreshments are usually served and sometimes we even have a potluck. There are anywhere from 10-40 people at the BFC seminars.

We just ask that you register online at so that we can get a headcount.

Member Courtney Risner wins the Bakersfield 99s Scholarship! She also, just today, won the Loyds Aviation Scholarship! A total of $2000 to put towards her aviation career. Congratulations Courtney!!


Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming news on the BFC/99s 2017 Scholarship. We raised a lot of money at the October 2016 Poker Run!


Let’s Go Flying! James Hull is assembling a list of members who would like to get together and share expenses on flights. His plan is to assemble a contact list to share with fellow pilots. Interested? Email James at


Have you met our newest CFI, Jeremy Jackson? Jeremy just completed his initial training at Loyds Aviation, as a corporate pilot, and will be teaching at the BFC in his spare time. Welcome Jeremy!


New Website for the BFC. There are lots of improvements going on at the club behind the scenes. Have you seen our brand new website? Please check it out and tell us what you think! Thank you Scott Bell! If you have news for the website, William Woodbury as volunteered to be our new website administrator. Please forward news items to him.

There is a brand new, giant BFC sign on the side of the Atlantic hangar. You can definitely see it from the parking lot! Definitely puts us on the map. Many thanks to Vital Signs on Rosedale for doing such a great job (they also did our new interior sign). And, thanks to President William Woodbury for designing and orchestrating the arrival of the new signs!

Please excuse the mess. We’re going to be doing some painting and fixin’ up around the clubhouse in the coming weeks, so things will be a little messy. We think you’ll like the end result. Thanks to Kelly Archer Interiors. BTW, please do your bit and empty the trash cans when you see them getting full. Plastic liners are in the bottom drawer of the steel file cabinets under the front counter. The guys at Atlantic will show you where to put the garbage. Remember, we are a non profit club and we need you to chip in.


Thanks to Ed Tietjen for the granola bars and other snacks he is leaving for us! Delicious!

Thanks to Jon Slikker and Jeremy Jackson for the brand new trash can donations!

A special thanks to airplane owners. Once again, a giant “thank you” goes out to Dave Long, Fred Webster, Jeff Lay and Dana Gillespie for providing their aircraft for us to use, and for keeping them in such top shape. Without their generous support the BFC would be just a good thought. Thanks, guys!

Scott Bell for redoing our new website.

William Woodbury for redoing our BFC logo, BFC signs, letterhead, business cards and polo shirts.

CFI Adam Peterson has volunteered to keep track of solos and checkrides for the website and facebook pages.

Thanks to Jeremy Jackson for volunteering to take over the replenishing of water, headset batteries, Cessna Kits, printer toner and paper. And, thanks to Fred Webster for doing this for the past 5 years!

You might be asking what can you contribute to your non-profit flying club?
Well, we do need your help.

HELP WANTED: Are you an artist? Do you know an artist? We are looking for a Cartoon style, fun design template to put on a t-shirt for first solos.

HELP WANTED: Can you take notes and make copies? We are looking for a new BFC Secretary to take notes at the quarterly Board Meetings.

HELP WANTED: Can you bake? Can you shop at the grocery store? We are looking for light snacks for each of our monthly safety seminars, starting on April 20th at the Drone Seminar.

HELP WANTED: Help set up chairs at a BFC Safety seminar.

HELP WANTED: Are you excited about your flying club? Are you able to write a review on for the BFC?

HELP WANTED: Help keep the airplanes clean. Wipe down the wings with a wet towel (towels under counter). Clean out all the pockets once in a while. Throw out broken pens and pencils.

HELP WANTED: Help keep the clubhouse clean. Empty the garbage cans. Wipe down the counters or windowsills. Run the vacuum.

HELP WANTED: Volunteer to be on the holiday party committee.

To volunteer for one of these jobs, please respond to this email with your phone number and we will get you in touch with the right people.

The 6th year Anniversary of the BFC is coming up May 1st. Let’s give some help and relief to those who have been working nonstop keeping your flying club going and keeping you flying.


Speaking of Headset Batteries… If you borrow one of the BFC headsets for yourself or a passenger, please chip in a dollar to help offset the cost. The donation envelope is next to the black hobbs book cabinet.


It’s bug season again. Millions of little critters are making the ultimate sacrifice and planting themselves on the leading edges and windshields of our airplanes. Please take a moment after each flight to wipe down the wings and struts and clean the windshield with water or windshield cleaning fluid. Be sure to use a soft cloth on the plexiglass (never paper towels!!!). The next member to fly the plane will appreciate your courtesy.


New windshield in N73977. Thanks Fred Webster for that shiny, clean new windshield in N73977. Looks great, and we can actually see out now when facing the sun:-) Attention pilots: please do not put ANYTHING on the glareshield – no headsets, papers, kneeboards, even keys. The new glass scratches very easily. A friendly reminder: you scratch it, you buy it.


Watch for updates. We’ve added a Notice Page to schedulepointe that will keep you abreast of club news and issues. You’ll see the page when you log in to schedule a plane. I you have any news you’d like to share, please email Bill at


Flyouts planned for Spring and Summer. Watch the club news for word about upcoming flyouts to Catalina, nearby lunch destinations – maybe even the Grand Canyon! Wanna go? Keep an eye out for announcements. Seats fill fast so reserve your spot ASAP.


Join us on Facebook. Keep up to date on club activities and news through our Facebook page, Just ‘Like” the page and you’ll be updated automatically.

Congratulations to Julian Zapp. Julian is one of the world’s newest private pilots.
Dennis Mayberry solos!!
Brandon McNamara can now fly through clouds with the greatest of ease!
Bryan Chapman gets his Commercial Certificate through the BFC.
Jan Trobisch earns his Instrument rating as well!

If you solo or pass a checkride in the coming weeks, be sure to shoot Bill an email with details and photos to