About the Redbird FMX

REDBIRD FMX, FAA Approved AATD Simulator

We have 2 aircraft configurations available.  Cessna 172 with a Garmin 530 and 430 GPS, KAP140 autopilot.  This rents for $65/hr plus CFI  and we have a Cessna 206 G-1000 with Garmin integrated autopilot that rents for $85/hr plus CFI.

Uses for Redbird

  • The instrument proficiency check (IPC)
  • Instrument rated pilots can stay instrument current.  You can use the redbird FMX for your FAA mandated instrument currency requirements.
  • For basic training maneuvers such as stalls, turns around a point, slow flight, GPS training, Autopilot training, G-1000 training and VOR tracking.
  • Spin Training
  • Emergency procedures: What is it like to fly with a pitot static system failure, vacuum pump failure, heavy turbulence and thunderstorms?  The list is endless.  This can all be done in the safety of the Redbird.
  • IFR training.  You can fly an approach into any airport in the world.  You can fly in any weather conditions as well.
  • You can practice a flight to a new destination.  What better way to get practice before flying into the LAX class B corridors?

This is just a short list of things you can do in the Redbird.  We do require a checkout before you can fly solo in the Redbird.